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The machine body is made of steel. Since the machine is used as a unit, the unit consists of the feeding coil, the conditioner and the machine itself. Machine dimensions vary according to capacity.

The Pellet Press machine is composed of belt drive, disc rotor and crimped cylinder. The motor size and power vary according to the machine capacity.

The engine speed has to rise until the optimal condition is achieved, after which the product can be delivered to the machine. The motor is mounted on a wide stand mounted on the machine body. The flowing raw material is delivered from the upper bunker to the feeding coil, which gives it straight to the conditioner. The raw material is heated under steam in the conditioner and made ready for the next process. Due to the motor speed adjustment system, the feeding speed of the machine can be adjusted. In order to measure the temperature in the machine, the PT100 heat sensor is used.

The PT100 is a high-precision RTD-type temperature sensor used in many application areas. The resistance value of the sensor varies depending on the temperature of the environment in which it is located.

With PT100 sensors, the ambient temperature is determined by following the linearly changing resistance value. The product in the conditioner, which is heated and receives enough moisture, is given to the machine input by passing through a magnet. From there, it falls directly into the disk partition and stays between rule and the disk.The flywheel activates the rotor, which is on the curved rule. Thus, the pressing process will be started. When the rule is in the rotating state, it presses the product through the disc holes. Thus, the product is pelletized. The pelletized product is cut with the help of special knives of adjusted length. The length adjustment is also adjusted by rotating the static blades and the disc. As the next process, the pelletized air is poured into the lock and directed, from there it is delivered to the cooler. Excess moisture and heat are absorbed, this is because it is known that the resulting product can be stored for a long time.


» Pellet Presses are machines that allow the powdered raw material or mixed product to be mixed with steam, mechanically compressed with the help of a disc and roller and made into grains of various diameters (Ø1.8 - 16 mm).

» The powder mixed by giving steam to the conditioner is pelletized more easily by gelatinizing the starch in the product. Thus, when used in feed, it prevents decomposition, facilitates digestion for animals and increases yield.

» The decomposition of the powder product, which increases in density by being brought into pellet form, is prevented, storage and transportation costs are reduced, thus becoming more economical.

» Apart from the feed industry, it is widely used in bran, pulp, wood shavings, organic fertilizer, garbage, hops and rice pelleting.

» The main components of the pelletizing system are Feeder, Conditioner, Pellet Press and Pellet Cooler. ORYEM brand pellet presses are designed on quality.


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