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Gear Driven Pellet Mill

Gear Driven Pellet Press is defined as the pelletization of various feeds, food products, chemical products and natural wastes. There may be differences in the working principle depending on the characteristics of the product to be pelletized. However, in general, the process begins with the preparation of water, steam and other liquids depending on the product to be pelletized. Mechanical pressure is first applied to the products added to the machine. Afterwards, these products are removed from the holes specially located on the pellet disk. Pressure is an important factor in this entire process. No matter which product is used during the process, due to the effect of pressure and heat, the product gets stuck and sticks together. Then, it is removed from the holes under the pressure. Products extracted from the Pellet Press in pellet form can thus be put into use.

Gear Driven series pellet presses derive their power from a specially designed/machined high-efficiency gear set. The two-stage precision gear set provides the machine with strength and durability while ensuring the highest pellet quality and capacity. The machine body is made of cast iron. The gearbox housing offers the flexibility to operate the pellet press with different drive motor options. It guarantees full supply to 6 different lubrication points. By using chillers in the oil cooling system, it ensures trouble-free operation for years. It closes the gap in many sectors such as chemistry, animal feed, plastics, bio waste and sawdust with its strong transmission set and durable body.



» Pellet Presses are machines that enable the powdered raw material or mixed product to be mixed with steam, mechanically compressed with the help of discs and rollers, and turned into pellets of various diameters (Ø1.8 - 16 mm).

» The powder product mixed by adding steam to the conditioner is more easily pelletized as the starch in it gelatinizes. Thus, when used in feed, it prevents decomposition, facilitates digestion for animals and increases productivity.

» The powder product, whose density increases by being brought into pellet form, is prevented from decomposing, storage and transportation costs are reduced, thus becoming more economical.

» Apart from the feed industry, it is widely used in the pelletization of bran, bagasse, wood sawdust, organic fertilizer, garbage, hops and pomace.

» Main components of the pelletizing system; Feeder, Conditioner, Pellet Press and Pellet Cooler. ORYEM brand pellet presses are designed for quality.


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